miercuri, 20 ianuarie 2010

A fair bit of marketing is done through email marketing nowadays. You know, making use of autoresponders to
send emails to your subscribers. It seems like the easiest, most efficient thing to do right? Problem is,  like many other marketers before others found that loads of emails were landing up in the spam mail boxes,
accidentally being marked as spam or having no one read them at all!
It was a frustrating situation and we had to keep telling our subscribers to check their mailboxes, especially the spam mail, to see where the follow up emails had landed.
However, not long ago has been discovered a software that helps send messages to our subscribers without going through the channel of emails and the spam blockers. It offers direct delivery of your messages straight to your subscriber's desktop, simple point and click functions for easy usage, customizable messages to be sent out as and when you want, and even lets you know when people have received your messages!
After purchasing it, I realized this software was so simple and straightforward to use that I could start sending out messages to my subscribers within seconds of installing it. There was also a no fuss, no complications interface which made it so easy to simply type in the messages and send them out just as naturally as writing a normal email.

But don't take my word for it. 

Check it out here

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